Restoration Tile and Grout
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Professional services offered by Restoration Tile and Grout, cleaning, sealing, grout, caulk, tile replacement



Our cleaners are specially designed to penetrate deep into your grout. During this process our cleaners will reopen the tiny pores in order to prepare your grout to be sealed and protected by our high quality Epoxy sealant.



Grout is very a porous material. Dirt and other substances can easily penetrate these small holes, especially in high-traffic areas like a kitchen floor. Making your grout very difficult to clean and trapping in stains and smells. Giving your grout an always dirty look to it. Protect your grout by applying a sealant to it.



Caulk is a sealant used to fill in gaps, typically at a change of plane (where two walls meet). When used in places like a bathtub or shower, with constant changes in temperate and water wear. Caulk can become worn down, developing holes, allowing leaks and accumulating mold and mildew. As such, it should be replaced annually.



As strong as grout is, it does not like to move. With a lot of movement happening grout becomes a relatively brittle thing, and with so much movement it's not uncommon for grout to crack and crumble causing unsightly holes and potentially damaging the wall behind it.


Tile Replacement

Tiles can become chipped or in some cases completely broken and destroyed. Our technicians are trained in the removal and replacement of these tiles. *Customer must have replacement tiles on hand*