Restoration Tile and Grout
Southeast Michigan Restoration Experts


Cracking, crumbling, or completely missing grout? We can repair it or in some cases completely rip out and replace all your old grout.

Tiles waiting to be grouted behind a new bar installation.

Grout is the backbone of tile but it doesn't last forever. In many cases grout may start to crack or crumble. In these cases your existing grout will need to be removed and replaced. This is a delicate process as many tools designed to remove grout can end up damaging your tile if improperly handled.

A Dremel, for example, can cut right into your tile if used by someone untrained in how to handle the tool.

Our technicians have been specially trained in the removal of your old grout with an array of tools to ensure your tiles remain undamaged and as beautiful as ever.

Freshly grouted tiles ready to be walked on.

Grout may start cracking or crumbling and regrouting may be necessary in the following cases:

  • Loose tiles around the area (These will need to be rebonded prior to grouting)
  • Improper mixture when grout was mixed

  • Improper underlayment installation

  • Movement in the subfloor

  • Movement at a change of plane (These areas will always crack, it's only a matter of time. In these cases caulking is recommended to fill the gaps instead)