Restoration Tile and Grout
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Do you have old discolored or ugly caulk lines? Tear out that old caulk and replace it with new. We have highly trained professionals that will ensure you have a beautiful tight bead of new caulk.

The old caulking on this tub has become stained and begun to separate from the wall.

Restoration Tile and Grout uses a siliconized acrylic caulk in most projects. We also offer an epoxy caulk replacement.

Caulk is the last piece of any good project. Used to fill gaps, typically at a change of plane. Caulk really brings the project together. A bad caulk line can make your entire bathtub look bad.

Caulk also protects the wall behind and the floor beneath from water exposure and eventual damage. Missing or damaged caulk can lead to a very expensive repair if water has damaged the walls behind.

Make sure to protect your home and wallet by keeping your caulking pristine!

After the old caulk was removed a beautiful new bead of caulk was applied!

Restoration Tile and Grout begins by removing the old caulk and thoroughly cleaning the gap before applying a beautiful new bead of caulking. This ensures consistency in caulk application and prevents bleed-through of any stains or mold on the old caulk.

Many other contractors skip this important step and caulk directly over existing caulk!

In order to keep your showers and tubs in top shape it is highly recommended to recaulk annually!