Restoration Tile and Grout
Southeast Michigan Restoration Experts


Protect your grout by sealing it with our high quality dual-polymer epoxy pigmented sealant. Last longer and looks better than the competition.

Years of wear have made the grout become faded and stained.

Restoration Tile and Grout uses high quality Epoxy sealants!

Grout is the backbone of any tile project and when it becomes dirty and stained it makes every tile look bad. Unsealed grout traps in dirt, stains, and even smells! Always seal your grout to help prevent these from happening!

After applying a pigmented epoxy sealant the grout looks brand new!

Restoration Tile and Grout offers two different sealants depending on the project.

  • Clear no-sheen sealer
  • Pigmented sealer

Our clear no-sheen sealant is typically used on new grout installations. Free of any stains or contaminants. Our pigmented sealant is great for old grout that has become faded or stained. it looks great and is a cheaper and quicker alternative to replacing all the old grout.