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Take a look at and learn how Restoration Tile and Grout tackled some our previous and most difficult projects.

Bathroom Restoration

Bathroom Restoration Project

Macomb, MI

STEP 1: Remove old caulk.

STEP 2: Thoroughly clean all tile and grout including joints where old caulking used to be.

STEP 3: Repair damaged grout.

STEP 4: Seal all grout with our dual-polymer epoxy resin pigmented sealant.

STEP 5: Replace torn out caulk with new

STEP 6: Final Inspection

The steps are simple enough but, it takes a highly trained and experienced professional to complete them to the highest quality. Restoration Tile and Grout only accepts the best and you should too.

Our technician started in the bathtub (pictured above). Removing the old caulking is a vital key in making sure the project looks and lasts the best possible. Removing existing caulking can be very time consuming but, is absolutely worth it. You should never let a hired technician caulk over top of existing caulk. Several issues can happen, most commonly bleed-through and/or peeling and it never lasts as long.

Once all the existing caulk is removed our technician moves on to a thorough cleaning.

Our cleaner is a specially designed multi-purpose cleaner. It cleans, sanitizes, and reopens the pores in grout in preparation to accept our epoxy sealant. This ensures the greatest adhesion possible during application.

After drying, our technician moves on to the most difficult step. It takes a highly trained and steady hand. Using a nylon-polyester brush, our technician carefully and meticulously applies a coating of our Dual-Polymer Epoxy to the grout lines. No secrets here just time, the brush applicator helps ensure no epoxy gets onto the tiles. We want to preserve the existing tile, not change them. As they are already beautiful and don't need it.

Finally we move onto step 5 where we have now come full circle. It's time to apply the last piece to bring it all together. Applying a thin bead of caulk to all the joints we had removed it from earlier in the project. Again, no secrets here just a skilled, steady hand is what it takes.

Final inspection is always done with the customer to ensure everything was done to their satisfaction. Take a look at the pictures below to see how beautiful this project turned out.