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Past Projects

Take a look at and learn how Restoration Tile and Grout tackled some our previous and most difficult projects.

Bathtub Restoration


Unfortunately, the years we're not kind to this bathtub and the grout had become stained. Regular cleaning just wasn't enough. Fortunately, Restoration Tile and Grout has the solution to this. Our technician applied our high quality dual-polymer pigmented epoxy sealant to the grout lines and completely revitalized this bathtub. Once sealed a new bead of caulk was applied and this tub was done!


This poor bathtub suffered years of neglect and was in desperate need of a thorough cleaning. Our technician began by removing the existing caulking around the perimeter of the bathtub. Once this was removed he began thoroughly cleaning each and every inch of the walls.


The finished project looks absolutely stunning. Like a completely new bathtub! Check out more of our projects and see what Restoration Tile and Grout can do for you.